BTS Performs "Boy with Luv" - The Voice Live Finale 2019

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putri nabillah
putri nabillah - Ora fa
Please invite exo because the sound and dance top 1
Jay The Gamer
Jay The Gamer - 13 ore fa
Not a fan of K-pop but I like to listen to them for once in a while. Yet I keep coming back to live versions of this song. Please help me!
keniA vAlenzuelA
keniA vAlenzuelA - 17 ore fa
Omg!! Why am I just seeing this?!! I must live in a cave!!! 😭🥰
Viviana Carta
Viviana Carta - 21 ora fa
OMG Beautiful man 😍😍😍😍😍
AVON - Giorno fa
The camera work is really amazing. Billboard, take note.
리우 - Giorno fa
Boyet Hipol
Boyet Hipol - Giorno fa
Sana sa the voice kids din ng philippines mag perform ang bts
Joanna Parabas
Joanna Parabas - Giorno fa
why? so cute KIM TAEHYUNG and JUNGKOOK
Jagat Daimary
Jagat Daimary - Giorno fa
❤ u bts jimin 💕❤💗💓💝
amreetha k16
amreetha k16 - Giorno fa
Literally became an army two weeks ago but feel like I have been an army forever
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki - Giorno fa
world wide handsome i love you 😍
Thai Tastic
Thai Tastic - Giorno fa
🔴WAIT - I broke wind on the bus today and five people turned around I felt like I was on the voice.👍🙏Turned to make out it wasn't me
Raven Duran
Raven Duran - Giorno fa
Bts!💗💗💗💗 GOOD JOB MY BABY'S!!!
Ghazwan Adel
Ghazwan Adel - Giorno fa
the first 20 seconds wasn't that good but then i got impressed by their great movements and singing
Asia Scalise
Asia Scalise - Giorno fa
Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook bts
Akissi christine N'dri
Akissi christine N'dri - 2 giorni fa
Love BTS😍😍❤️❤️❤️🧡
Lidya Tentua
Lidya Tentua - 2 giorni fa
I see bts i click
Gualberto - 2 giorni fa
OMG, the guy who start the song is so handsome
Ratna Novia
Ratna Novia - Giorno fa
i purple you
i purple you - 2 giorni fa
Glad I became an Army ♡ Proud to all of youuu. OT7 ~
Mari Groos
Mari Groos - 2 giorni fa
Love Park Jimin is Kim Taehyung
Semi Lee
Semi Lee - 2 giorni fa
Mr Manga
Mr Manga - 2 giorni fa
I was Jungshook by this performance
Maria Fernanda Guedes
Maria Fernanda Guedes - 2 giorni fa
2:25 jin’s voice 🥺💗
Darth Panda
Darth Panda - 2 giorni fa
ima K Pop Panda!
Mrunali Ghelani
Mrunali Ghelani - 2 giorni fa
BTS is ♥️♥️♥️
Judith MC
Judith MC - 3 giorni fa
They only do playback, they don't make their own songs or their dances, they are just a product, they do what they are told.apart they are all the same 😬
The amount of comments I've seen today that say the same things is just unbelievable. Okay, so first of all thanks for checking them out :) Just all the things you said are plain false. -BTS always sings live and have very good vocals --> -The members write, compose and produce their own music and have been doing that since before their debut in 2013. Every single BTS song has them participating in the production proces --> -Members RM and Suga have been writing songs and making music since they were 13-14 years old --> -Members J-Hope and Jimin were both trained dancers before joining BTS. J-Hope was a locally well known street dancer and Jimin studied contemporary dance at an arts academy --> -BTS has a personal choreographer but the members also help with choreography, for example for their song 'Spring Day' --> -BTS in contracted under and formed by BigHit Entertainment. All groups in the kpop industry are made in a similar way: young talented boys and girls get scouted and trained in all aspects of performance, a group is put together to debut, and they either make it or don't. Think of it like how Simon Cowell scouted, trained and put together One Direction, or any of his other groups. Or how a lot of other typical 'boy bands' are 'made'. -However, BTS has total creative freedom and are free to pursue other passions outside of music, like photography, painting, filming and editing videos, etc. --> -The BTS members don't 'do what they are told'. Of course they have an image to uphold, just like any famous person in the spotlight, so yes there are things they can't do or say. But they aren't being 'controlled' by their company or managers. A member wants to dye his hair two different colours? He'll do it. You will basically never catch BTS members being these 'controlled puppets' that sit still and smile at the camera --> -Your last comment is just racist. Just because the members look the same to you does not mean they are. All members are very different from each other, both in looks and personality. Suga is quiet and contemplative, but also very outspoken and straight forward. Jin is very shy but always goes out of his comfort zone to make everyone else in the room comfortable and relaxed by being funny and loud --> Now, if BTS is not to your taste, that's totally fine, because taste is not something we can argue about. But your comment was just rude, unnecessary and above all ignorant.
elven king thranduil
elven king thranduil - 3 giorni fa
I used to be a fan
But now I'm an AC
Ritesh Singh
Ritesh Singh - 3 giorni fa
Is Jimine your favorite? If yes, then hit on like for him
Florence . eu
Florence . eu - 3 giorni fa
I love Jimin and V voice
최멜로디 - 3 giorni fa
Ganga Rai
Ganga Rai - 3 giorni fa
Hahaha subtitles is only for half Korean and half english.
Sakshi Garbyal
Sakshi Garbyal - 3 giorni fa
This is insane!!! They are the real performers.
Satania Trevaux
Satania Trevaux - 3 giorni fa
yep they make it concert yeah
Yvette C.
Yvette C. - 3 giorni fa
BTS can you Reaction on Normani I love you. All of you are so damn good looking and hot. Love you. ❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋🍡🍡🍡🍡🧧🧧🧧🧧⛩⛩⛩⛩💞💞💞💞🍣🍣🍣🍣🍜🍜🍜🍜
SAMIN PIE - 2 giorni fa
Eww who cares about normani its btssss
yasmin - 3 giorni fa
idk why, but i had my eyes on dimples namjoon for almost the whole time so i saw him sprint away to go up the stairs, and all i have to say is:
one; he’s so fineee🥵
& two; how the FREAKING HELL did he get to the top of the stairs so fast without being OUT OF BREATH after all that dancing??!?
i would have died💀 . . . another reason to respect BTS—their stamina is UNREAL!!
Samruddhi Phadatare
Samruddhi Phadatare - 3 giorni fa
Love BTS. This is my favorite song of bts
Jeremy Minta
Jeremy Minta - 3 giorni fa
Im a fanboy theres nothing wrong right?
justtxt - 3 giorni fa
I’m sorry but why is tae dressed like rj I’m sorry I- 💀💀💀
Tuckeylad - 3 giorni fa
Entertainment at it's best!
Karla Arnesen
Karla Arnesen - 3 giorni fa
I feel like this is the best Boy With Luv performance I’ve seen 💗💗💗
Malik - 3 giorni fa
Jimin's vocals have improved a lot he had such stable voice
Hamna Batool
Hamna Batool - 3 giorni fa
Cameraman be like.. *NO im not gonna zoom anyone, OT7 should be on screen*
Hamna Batool
Hamna Batool - 3 giorni fa
My bias is that *PINK MIC* who seokjin who jungguk?
Adelaide Carneiro
Adelaide Carneiro - 3 giorni fa
Melhoraram muito a performance ao vivo, só amo! 😍
bangtan_ girl0xs
bangtan_ girl0xs - 3 giorni fa
Melina Gobert
Melina Gobert - 3 giorni fa
Soy Sara
Soy Sara - 4 giorni fa
Where are the fans ? 😂
meeza MD
meeza MD - 8 ore fa
No one knw about this performance until the news outlets mentioned it. Also after they boys took a pic with John Legend. 😂
Boo - 4 giorni fa
(Singing in korean)
- some English words -
(Rapping in korean)
Lol thanks YouTube
Annie Sweetie
Annie Sweetie - 4 giorni fa
OMG i love u BTS :3
EXO-L 4ever
EXO-L 4ever - 4 giorni fa
😍😍😍 SB19 give a great cover of this song...
SB19 brought me here.💕
boalu thounaojam
boalu thounaojam - 4 giorni fa
No one will be better than u guys, luv u all BTS
xDreams - 4 giorni fa
The people there are so lucky. They got to see BTS up close and some aren’t even fans!
난다9 - 4 giorni fa
BTS fithing^^!!
Cool beans Scot
Cool beans Scot - 4 giorni fa
Finally a group of people who don't lip sync and can actually dance lmao
aulia anggraeni
aulia anggraeni - Ora fa
lets be army
Blubbering anxiety
Blubbering anxiety - 3 ore fa
Baka janik pendiau sida tu
ً aisha
ً aisha - 3 ore fa
yass, and iKON too ♡.
Blubbering anxiety
Blubbering anxiety - 12 ore fa
Amy After Hours
Amy After Hours - Giorno fa
Stray Kids are great too!! (:
zimoku mckeown
zimoku mckeown - 4 giorni fa
why is no-one talking about how tae looks like Elvis T-T
Dat Gay KoreanDood
Dat Gay KoreanDood - 5 giorni fa
Too many overlays and lip syncs with echo.
Jeon - 3 giorni fa
Dat Gay KoreanDood huh?
Jessy Ka
Jessy Ka - 5 giorni fa
Jessy Ka
Jessy Ka - 5 giorni fa
Supa Cracker
Supa Cracker - 5 giorni fa
2019...just realize jimin is now taller than Suga
SAMIN PIE - 2 giorni fa
Not fake army
Ruah flynn
Ruah flynn - 5 giorni fa
Janitor: *sees confetti cannon*
Janitor: *gulps*
Prossimi video