You DON'T Remember Spy Kids 4

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Dat Boi
Dat Boi - 4 ore fa
aroma scope was a lie i actually used one it didnt work
Elijah Green
Elijah Green - 14 ore fa
I watched this more than the other 3 and I’m ashamed
Elijah Green
Elijah Green - 14 ore fa
Yes I do.
claire //
claire // - 19 ore fa
the only thing i remember is them saying “shiitake mushrooms”
xd SPRUCECREEPER - Giorno fa
I had to watch this everyday as a kid because I had no very few other dvds my parents used it as a solution to most things. Car SPY KIDS, being annoying SPY KIDS, bored SPY KIDS, yea a lot of things to do with spy kids lol
A pretty boring channel called Kawaii gamer
In fact i DO rember this

Nicky C.
Nicky C. - Giorno fa
I remember we saw this movie in theaters in 4D with the scratch and sniff cards. 😂
Ian Lerma
Ian Lerma - Giorno fa
Your right I dont remember that thing
Christina T
Christina T - Giorno fa
I don’t remember much about the Spy Kids franchise but why did they supposedly end the spy kids program in the first place?
Isaac Clapham
Isaac Clapham - Giorno fa
i remember this movie because had to watch it a million times on dvd, still kinda forgot it tho (not kinda)
Steve the ant
Steve the ant - Giorno fa
Hi where's that outro from the uke song
Duckie - 2 giorni fa
Sadly I grew up with this movie
LynPhoenix - 2 giorni fa
all I can think about when I look at the OSS Headquarters is that's the fucking longhorn center, a building I pass by every damn day. Guess what? it's a Spy Headquarters. Under my Nose. the Entire Time. the more you know
Baz The Storyteller
Baz The Storyteller - 2 giorni fa
7.21, that mask looks awful! It looks like a cheap Halloween mask.
But everything in this movie looks cheap.
Baz The Storyteller
Baz The Storyteller - 2 giorni fa
2.55, look at how bad that fall is! Just look at how Jessica Alba raises her arms before she falls down.
Toastforbros - 2 giorni fa
Shark boi and lava girl should do shark king and lava queen it’s them when they grow up and ya boi gorge Lopez comes back and he sets a frikn crisis and the kid that goes a against that weird kid with the brains come back dosent believe in shark and lava until the end but his kids do and adventures reunions and his wife the ice girl him using brain power his best friend the bully with the blown up head and his kids and shark boi and lava girl defeat gorge Lopez
Toastforbros - 2 giorni fa
Plus why did u bring spy kids4 up some us want to not rember
Toastforbros - 2 giorni fa
I rember spy kids 4 it was ok when I was 4 when it came out
GML Enzo
GML Enzo - 2 giorni fa
I actually watched dis but totally forgot 😂😂😂
Sheepman 155
Sheepman 155 - 3 giorni fa
I’m one of the only people who remember about the scene when the main villain took away the kids ear thing
BTFC BattleX
BTFC BattleX - 3 giorni fa
Shark Boy and Lava Girl
Breesus H. Christ
Breesus H. Christ - 3 giorni fa
This is some Mandela effect type shit. I never knew this existed.
Damemelord Mc
Damemelord Mc - 3 giorni fa
Being a younger child I grew up with this and didn’t know there were other spy kids movies and I loved this
ostrich jacket
ostrich jacket - 4 giorni fa
Do you remeber "Owls of Gal'hool"?
The Purple Momasaur.
The Purple Momasaur. - 4 giorni fa
They had a 4th one the fuck
grand player
grand player - 4 giorni fa
Kingmobsmasher101 - 4 giorni fa
Is it strange that I actually have good memories of this movie and really enjoyed it? No!? Just me? Ok...
Kingmobsmasher101 - 4 giorni fa
DBZ 459 Well I’m glad I’m not alone 😁😅
DBZ 459
DBZ 459 - 4 giorni fa
meatman - 4 giorni fa
as someone who just finished a spy kids marathon, i agree with all of your points
meatman - 4 giorni fa
@smith h hyeeeyh
smith h
smith h - 4 giorni fa
meatman nibroC?
THEGT16 - 4 giorni fa
outro kinda goes in
Gabriel España
Gabriel España - 4 giorni fa
Looks like Tick Tock achieved Heaven
Wileck - 4 giorni fa
One of the first movies I watched when I first got Netflix.

Beastly Digital
Beastly Digital - 4 giorni fa
I can't fucking believe Tik Tok started JoJo part 6
Miss Mangas
Miss Mangas - 4 giorni fa
Spy Kids 3d was dumb and not funny at all, i rather heard the '' Camel poop! '' joke from the second than watching it again. Juni's grandfather is useless and puts the entire city in danger just to talk to his old friend, Demetra isn't smart or cool, the other players are forgettable, the plot is weird, the parents are cameos and same for Floop, the final fight is lame, the graphics in the game are super ugly, the humor is bad. I don't like this movie but Spy Kids 4 is way worst!

The first and second Spy kids are awesome especially the music and Machete; he's not here for long but so hilarious X)

Time in Alice trough the looking glass is a better character and villain than the one in this movie; his design is intimidating and special, his army is cool, his motivations makes sense. I like this guy!
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia - 5 giorni fa
I never knew of spy kid 4 plus didn't like it all I did like was spy kids 1 spy kids 2 spy kids 3 spy lava girl and shark boy
MEME-AH - 5 giorni fa
I remember seeing this in theaters with the aroma scope
Paul the Cow
Paul the Cow - 5 giorni fa
I feel like the dog would have been a better character if the kids responded with something like “Shut up” or “SH!”
Ro Ro
Ro Ro - 5 giorni fa
Uhh I remember, it is my favorite movie
rancid - 5 giorni fa
_There was a Spy Kids 4?_
Mike Stories
Mike Stories - 5 giorni fa
Unpopular opinion:

don’t start a flame war in the comments but I quite liked this movie as a kid.
(not saying it wasn’t annoying though)
AlgaePalJoe - 5 giorni fa
I remember this sadly
RiceCrispy - 5 giorni fa
Everybody just dies in these movies, huh?
Jon Mount
Jon Mount - 5 giorni fa
I told everyone tik tok was the spawn of Satan they should of listened to me
ColonelRock EXE
ColonelRock EXE - 5 giorni fa
Yes, I remember this. I remember how stupid it was compared to the original trilogy. Even shark boy and lava girl was better.
Alcachaz - 5 giorni fa
Wait this movie existed?
Samuel Fulkerson
Samuel Fulkerson - 5 giorni fa
Spy kids 4 was shit
CrispyStudios - 5 giorni fa
I hate you and this channel.

You made me remember the thumb people...
Jimmy Timote
Jimmy Timote - 5 giorni fa
*I remember this movie and I watched it unironically*
Crescent Rose
Crescent Rose - 6 giorni fa
What dog?
Comforting Coffee
Comforting Coffee - 6 giorni fa
I did remember this but it wasn't that great 😔😓😓
Tacoman17 - 6 giorni fa
spy kids three wasnt that good
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