You DON'T Remember Spy Kids 4

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Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey - 10 minuti fa
Theres a 4th one?
Zigg - 3 ore fa
If it ain't broken they'll find a way to break it
Tio_Luke ¿
Tio_Luke ¿ - 4 ore fa
I watched this when I was like 9 and thought it was good
Jacob Greene
Jacob Greene - 4 ore fa
I can say I remembered this movie, it was actually my first spy kids movie.
PopmonCat KittyHero
PopmonCat KittyHero - 9 ore fa
The best part about the movie was the pregnant woman trying to be a spy.
spirit phome
spirit phome - 15 ore fa
when i was younger i used to rent this movie at my local renting store atleast twice a month
TropicalPlaties2017 - 15 ore fa
Damn I didn’t know there was a 4th, I have seen parts on Facebook and I thought it was a new movie...
Aussie Merks
Aussie Merks - 18 ore fa
honestly, dont hate me but spy kids 4 is my favourite spy kid film as i saw it really young and i guess it just stuck with me
YeetMaster42069 - Giorno fa
ARDENT 38 - Giorno fa
The dog kinda reminds me of Wheatley, just endless rambling until someone takes action.
Apply Force Too Begin
Apply Force Too Begin - Giorno fa
What's that somg at tbe end
Apply Force Too Begin
Apply Force Too Begin - Giorno fa
Third movie had the whole "family is more than blood" message on lock tbh
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese - Giorno fa
No.. I remember this horrible wack-ass movie.
Chris J. Films
Chris J. Films - 2 giorni fa
Spy kids: exists
Greedy Hollywood executives: allow us to introduce ourselves
Caleb Henning
Caleb Henning - 2 giorni fa
I sadly do
Sparks Flash
Sparks Flash - 2 giorni fa
Be cArEFul WhAT You WisH FOr.
Damemelord Mc
Damemelord Mc - 2 giorni fa
Call me un-cultured if you want but I grew up with this movie and thought this was a masterpiece and the only spy kids movie
I haven’t watched it before n like 7 years but I don’t plan to re-watch it
3 gaming musketeers
3 gaming musketeers - 2 giorni fa
I’ve seen the spy kids 4 it’s not... that bad I guess?!
Emma Kenyon
Emma Kenyon - 2 giorni fa
Time’s just a concept of human perception, an illusion created by—
Stealthy - 2 giorni fa
Spy kids 4 was the only one I seen
carvalionii - 2 giorni fa
Yes I 100% don’t remember this at all-
Purbiworl - 2 giorni fa
If you invented nostalgia, does that make the Nostalgia Critic the Anti-Christ?
I-static_David-I - 3 giorni fa
Hey some people like it and some people don't
Kelli Vincent
Kelli Vincent - 3 giorni fa
I remember this vividly which probably explains why I think I have depression
Ellis Maddox
Ellis Maddox - 3 giorni fa
Tick Tock why do you want to reset the universe?
Sid - 3 giorni fa
I was born after the original trilogy so I watched my first spy kids movie which was the 4th one. I thought it was good until I watched the original 3 and I was mind blown and thought the fourth was shit af
Claire Johnson
Claire Johnson - 3 giorni fa
I remember those scratchers. They all, like every single goddamn one, smelt like some sort of moldy mint cereal. I will say, they were memorable for that since I've never smelled that before.
Rama Linardi
Rama Linardi - 3 giorni fa
"TikTok is arrested" bless
Brad Sav
Brad Sav - 3 giorni fa
The only good spy kids movies are the first one that’s it
the_real_ papyrus99
the_real_ papyrus99 - 4 giorni fa
For me, it was the opposite. I knew spy kids 4 existed, I knew nothing about the other three
Chalibi - 4 giorni fa
When this came out I LOVED it. Whhyyyyy......
Xavier Sanchez
Xavier Sanchez - 4 giorni fa
Yo bro you should do a video about Shorts, you know that movie about the wishing rock lmaooo
RamenCupBMG - 4 giorni fa
aromascope was just a rip off from rugrats
Cas H
Cas H - 4 giorni fa
Sky high?
Chaqara Prod.
Chaqara Prod. - 5 giorni fa
What talking dog?
OXY MORONS - 5 giorni fa
Wow thanks for reminding this exists
Deepo Weepo
Deepo Weepo - 5 giorni fa
Made in Heaven is scary
Noodles4Anime - 6 giorni fa
Yeah, I thought Spy Kids 4 was well know because of the smell thing they tried.
I never got to see it in theaters, only on tv, so I never understood how the smell thing worked, but I see I didn't miss anything.
Rigamortis L
Rigamortis L - 6 giorni fa
I’d like to see 24 frames of nick and cinema Sins direct a perfect movie 👌🏿
Caileigh Halbrook
Caileigh Halbrook - 7 giorni fa
Of course it doesn’t affect anything but the clocks, time is a construct.
gRAPEFRUIT - 7 giorni fa
fuck spy kids 4
77stovetopxx - 7 giorni fa
It's basicaly the phantom menace of spy kids

"lol ive never even watched spy kids"
JustTheReed - 7 giorni fa
i actually remember seeing this for someone's birthday in grade 1 😂
leila middleton
leila middleton - 7 giorni fa
i remember this oml - the spykids trilogy was my childhood, i wish they didn't ruin it with a forth-
this has little rowan blanchard in it, right?
Željana Jožić
Željana Jožić - 7 giorni fa
For some reason in my country they played this film too many times on TV
Franky boi
Franky boi - 7 giorni fa
this is just a rip off of jojos bizzare adventure part 6
IjoeTV - 8 giorni fa
I remember watching when I was 8 and they had a smell sheet in the movie theatre
Tev. S Thompson
Tev. S Thompson - 8 giorni fa
Never heard of this
Gongsta_ _
Gongsta_ _ - 9 giorni fa
You are right. I don’t remember this masterpiece, it was so long ago.

It’s almost like time is moving faster...
Simple Carolina
Simple Carolina - 9 giorni fa
I saw this as a kid and I thought it wad fucking great...
Triple Tuxified
Triple Tuxified - 9 giorni fa
i remember spykids 4, it was the first one it watched
The great Veedramax
The great Veedramax - 9 giorni fa
Nick, I’m sorry to tell you this but, there is no talking dog in this movie, it’s all in your head
Levi Smith
Levi Smith - 9 giorni fa
it would be cool if you did a do you remember the hot wheels movies.
Lucas Temple
Lucas Temple - 10 giorni fa
I remember seeing this when I was 5, and literally all I remember are the dog and the dio like time freezes and that’s all I remember
Ahashi192 - 10 giorni fa
Am I the only one who loves this movie?
Republu Commando
Republu Commando - 10 giorni fa
Does anyone else find the time keeper terrifying? I honestly got traumatised as a kid by the time keeper. Every time he goes on screen I would run off and hide...
christopher kriner
christopher kriner - 10 giorni fa
originally I really liked this film but I went and rewatched spy kids 1 2 & 3 and said f**k this movie it is a cinematic disaster
Unusual Jdawg
Unusual Jdawg - 11 giorni fa
I try not to remember this one
ghostito - 11 giorni fa
"clean her clock"
*she is pregnant*
Saif Sufian Otoum
Saif Sufian Otoum - 11 giorni fa
But I remember it
CAS - 12 giorni fa
actually I do cuz I was like "aw look a tiny Rowan Blanchard"
Hellen - 12 giorni fa
can we talk about shows like girl meets world and ravens home? do these spinoff shows do the originals justice?
Epic Wolf
Epic Wolf - 12 giorni fa
What dog?
Kye Dysarthria
Kye Dysarthria - 13 giorni fa
I wouldn't say the never over did it.
Bad Juju
Bad Juju - 13 giorni fa
I was one of those kids who saw it in theaters with aroma-scope.
They all smelled the same tbh.
Madeleine Fey
Madeleine Fey - 13 giorni fa
I don’t see a dog. What are you talking about?
charlesberg - 13 giorni fa
I bet Ricky was only in this movie because he got to play a dog.. I can literally see him looking at the script, calling it shit and then realising he gets to be the dog.
Goblin 987
Goblin 987 - 13 giorni fa
Is this guy trying to hypnotize us?
Sir Loin Of Beef
Sir Loin Of Beef - 13 giorni fa
Hold up i DO remember this movie!
Communist Dog
Communist Dog - 14 giorni fa
It was not netflix for years like what the heck I watched it at least 5 times when I was like 9, and it was... Something
The Sarcastic Romantics Club
I remember this movie. It was bad even back then
Huffleclaw 101
Huffleclaw 101 - 14 giorni fa
I do remember this and thinking it was eh. When I was younger watching this, it didn’t make me feel the same excitement as the other spy kids movies did. Just didn’t have that charm for me, and the jokes were boring, the storyline was eh (for me). I hate it when they run sequels after sequels with a movie franchise it’s kinda heartbreaking :/
Swanky - 14 giorni fa
I legit, never, heard or saw of this.
William Cuffley
William Cuffley - 14 giorni fa
It’s in the bible “one shall not say nice things about spy kids 3” so you’ve basically sinned
Margaret Whitley
Margaret Whitley - 14 giorni fa
I remember it and I wish I didn’t
Crippled Cup
Crippled Cup - 15 giorni fa
You should do Kickin’ It next
Lily Costa
Lily Costa - 15 giorni fa
Teddy Life
Teddy Life - 15 giorni fa
When I was younger I loved this movie I had vary bad taste in movies
Cassandra Saldana
Cassandra Saldana - 15 giorni fa
I have this movie in my possession on the iCloud. It's also on Netflix along with the other Spy Kids films and the animated series. I now hate the film even more because the Weinsteins were involved, and given Harvey's sex crimes, no film they have produced or released has aged well........
saph - 15 giorni fa
spy kids 4d fucking slaps tho
LT. Memes
LT. Memes - 15 giorni fa
what dog is he talking about?
Heated Learner
Heated Learner - 15 giorni fa
Ok I thought I was going crazy, I thought I remembered seeing spykids 4 in 4d
Beanie_The.Bunni - 15 giorni fa
i enjoyed the three but then i saw this and im like- wait.. but fetus rowan though i remember watching girl meets world going " wait.. she looks familiar"
Najid17Gaming - 15 giorni fa
Atleast spy kids mission critical is better
Krawberry Strush
Krawberry Strush - 15 giorni fa
Any of y’all remember the scratch and sniff for the RugRats/Wild Thornberrys crossover movie?
Cupcake plush productions
Cupcake plush productions - 15 giorni fa
I didn’t remember this until you brought it up
Ritzy Q
Ritzy Q - 15 giorni fa
I liked the twist about the main antagonist at the end but that's about it
Wandergirl108 - 15 giorni fa
I truly never knew this existed. I am not glad to now know that this movie exists. Also, kind of dumb making all eight "aromascope" things be exactly the same, even if it wasn't (*gags*) farts…it's like, a bad prank. "Lol, you thought there were eight different scents to this movie, but no, they're all the same!" I'm going to focus on that and not the exact nature of that one scent…because… **gags even harder**
Unknown Person
Unknown Person - 15 giorni fa
Mr.fluffy - 15 giorni fa
Who just found spy kids Netflix series
nick cayer
nick cayer - 15 giorni fa
Hit or miss it guess they should had missed
The Konduit
The Konduit - 16 giorni fa
Nonono. I remembered every spy kids movie except that one. Why.
Social Chica
Social Chica - 16 giorni fa
i just watched spy kids four on yt yesterday tho....
Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes
Cause it wasn’t good
That’s why
Payton Elizabeth
Payton Elizabeth - 16 giorni fa
i saw it in the theater when it came out and almost threw up bc of the dirty diaper scent that is the only reason i can't forget this movie
malyee - 16 giorni fa
I loved spy kids four go heck yourself
Eli Never
Eli Never - 16 giorni fa
i remember it a tiny bit...
NotAVirus4 - 16 giorni fa
Sorry buckaroo I did in fact remember Spy Kids 4. Maybe that's a bad thing.
pendulousphallus - 16 giorni fa
Carmen grew up right, dude.
Vinluv Handesbuk
Vinluv Handesbuk - 16 giorni fa
it had scratch and sniff and grown up child actors.
also phone in "muh family" message.
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