By the way, Can You Find the PATTERN?

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G k
G k - 12 ore fa
Me yelling “DOWN!!”
Linnea Martinsson
Linnea Martinsson - 12 ore fa
Have you never seen mrs poppins!?!??!?!?
Soul Ess
Soul Ess - 12 ore fa
9:04 what the heck jay
No Thank You
No Thank You - 13 ore fa
I looove the artist who drew this!!!!
a creative name
a creative name - 13 ore fa
What you guys wannna do?
*Jay:WaIt fOR thE sWEEt rElEAsE oF deATh*
Hosuh:(visible confusion)
Logan Stroud
Logan Stroud - 14 ore fa
The animator is home because they are making this video
? Playes
? Playes - 15 ore fa
0:05 meirl
Kinia TehAnime
Kinia TehAnime - 16 ore fa
Daniel: Shes sa-
Hosuh: *AAAAAAAAAAA*- *thud*
Jay Blue
Jay Blue - 17 ore fa
I just lost The Game
Sleepy Roo
Sleepy Roo - 18 ore fa
Stephen: My sanity isn't safe -_-
😂 Why is Stephen such a mood? like, every vid i swear- lmao you guys are too funny I can't stop watching yer vids x)
Oh_mah_gosh its KPOP POP
Omg i just noticed that this was on my bday
Mervin Bedrero
Mervin Bedrero - 22 ore fa
Grian... Vs area 77
zeng shujing
zeng shujing - 22 ore fa
4:21 the animator must know soul eater.
James Games
James Games - Giorno fa
7:30 you low key sound like pac man 😂😂😂
Saarah Chuttur
Saarah Chuttur - Giorno fa
Jay is Ranpo from bungo stray dogs....
Change my mind.
Synjincat :3
Synjincat :3 - Giorno fa
Im a masochist also looks like grian in the thumbnail
ZTPropus - Giorno fa
Jay said walks 27 times
Alex Galaxy girl
Alex Galaxy girl - Giorno fa
What if.....
*Sassy Suzy walk on STEPHEN?*
TT Knaack
TT Knaack - Giorno fa
Thumbnail explanation: 1st panel: Grian scoping out Area 77 (the sign is a typo), 2nd panel: Grian going to work mining underground in hippie-land to get to his time machine.
VivianDoesStuff - Giorno fa
daniel is chaotic evil, jay is nutral evil.
miraculous galaxy girl 09
Stephen to and see your question if sassy Suzie does. Walk down supercalifregalisticexphialadotios she is safe
Emma Pale
Emma Pale - Giorno fa
I loved the impossible game!
DJ Rhea
DJ Rhea - Giorno fa
Why woluld you make the purest boi cry
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher - Giorno fa
**Demonically screams**
「 c l o u d y 」
「 c l o u d y 」 - Giorno fa
Xochitl Gutierrez
Xochitl Gutierrez - Giorno fa
sassy sussi m im very confusion
ryan berumen
ryan berumen - Giorno fa
Spiderman walks down a house
Giggity Giggity
Giggity Giggity - Giorno fa
Pls do By the way, Can You Survive Final Destination
BrokenAm - Giorno fa
Josie And the gamers
Josie And the gamers - Giorno fa
If sassy Susie can suck my **** is she safe?

Sebastian G
Sebastian G - Giorno fa
7:35 25 walks!
お姉さんRin - Giorno fa
If I go home am I stupid?
お姉さんRin - Giorno fa
Why is this kinda dark
purpledragontrx - Giorno fa
Razzi_Gacha •_•
Razzi_Gacha •_• - Giorno fa
Has anyone noticed that the art style is different?!
• Vita •
• Vita • - Giorno fa
I'm gonna do this to my friends
no shitnick
no shitnick - Giorno fa
I thought grian was going to be in this one
Diameter - Giorno fa
Why is Grian in the thumbnail?
ItzIzy YT
ItzIzy YT - Giorno fa
Grian in the thumbnail?
Nuzhat Maliha
Nuzhat Maliha - Giorno fa
I think I have a crush on jay and Stephen throughout all these freakin videos of them-
keonne cruz
keonne cruz - Giorno fa
The answer for question 2 is it would make a good soup if it is a living thing thats my guess
littlegreengamer :3
littlegreengamer :3 - Giorno fa
Is that thumbnail grian?
hallo hi
hallo hi - Giorno fa
cornflakes a brick and dick ?
STM Lost1nplace
STM Lost1nplace - Giorno fa
its tarzan`s birthday what would you bring? i would bring aaaaaahhhhhhh Pen.
i can get in, in his party
Allan Rudjz Laniba
Allan Rudjz Laniba - Giorno fa
Me: Suck my di-
Me: Suck my Sri Lanka!!!
Awesome Fritz
Awesome Fritz - Giorno fa
I thought "Supercalifrigilisticexpiladocious" means fantasfic?
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig - Giorno fa
Look at the thumbnail, that is Grian. On his minecraft hermitcraft series, he is trying to invade area 77, the AREA 51 on the THUMBNAIL
Doggo Gang
Doggo Gang - 2 giorni fa
Me when I smell my favourite food
anonymous dude
anonymous dude - 2 giorni fa
(looks at thumbnail) Grian?
like if you noticed
「• Rebellion Artz •」
Jay -
*iT tUrNs Me On*
FoxyPink•x0 Galaxy
FoxyPink•x0 Galaxy - 2 giorni fa
WEED!!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🙂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂
#pancake 18
#pancake 18 - 2 giorni fa
'What's 6x8'
Daniels left butthole

-Stephen 2019
Xio ArtZ
Xio ArtZ - 2 giorni fa
Alright now I am totally sure when jay is in the video I am happy cause he is crazy like me 🤣😅
aimsly_t - 2 giorni fa
If Susan doesn't demonetize this
video the the ads a safe
If Susan does demonetize this video Danplan's bank account will not be safe
Alex The Therost
Alex The Therost - 2 giorni fa
.! !
NirvanaKartana - 2 giorni fa
Who else expected a Grian collab
Ruri Akahima
Ruri Akahima - 2 giorni fa
Marceline 1212
Marceline 1212 - 2 giorni fa
The tension in the animation is hilarious lol
Meppers JR
Meppers JR - 2 giorni fa
Emiko Fujimi
Emiko Fujimi - 2 giorni fa
He watched Mary Poppins XD
Prossimi video