A Journey Through Time - SNL

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Beth G
Beth G - 17 ore fa
Always funny to see how many euphemisms Kate uses in these sketches- "my clam casino and my bean burrito..."
Massimo Squecco
Massimo Squecco - Giorno fa
That dichotomy is very rich to me! It happens to think this all the time so ...how much can I use that sentence ( without annoying people around me} ?
Data Lore
Data Lore - Giorno fa
The idea wasn't bad, but the writing was.
Gap Shooters
Gap Shooters - Giorno fa
“ im not into ladies but if nothing else is open ill eat at a taco bell” 🤣🤣😂😂
Eshah Hassan
Eshah Hassan - 3 giorni fa
Her high waisted pants are triggering me and how did Paul Rudd manage to keep a straight face while Kate was all over him?
Lisa Murphy
Lisa Murphy - 3 giorni fa
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 4 giorni fa
A little different for me....
Antoine Jones
Antoine Jones - 4 giorni fa
😂😆😂 Kate McKinnon is a fkn Queen 👑
The Last Native Cherokee
The Last Native Cherokee - 6 giorni fa
Her ass and vagina always end up in the air. Lmaooo
7mandoblu - 7 giorni fa
Why the f**k is she always naked from the waist down!!!???🤣😂😆
PeteSanctions - 9 giorni fa
4:39 - "Okay!"
Lonny Paalman
Lonny Paalman - 10 giorni fa
I love the way Kate is so truthful, while the other two are so goody two shoes. Too much!
Shady Booty
Shady Booty - 10 giorni fa
Woodstock 99!
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman - 14 giorni fa
People is such a strong word!!!
Lauren Amy
Lauren Amy - 15 giorni fa
“buddy, god had no part in this” got me
Crabbo - 16 giorni fa
bush smushed
Mineminemine - 17 giorni fa
“Buddy, God had no place in this...”
Light Lorraine
Light Lorraine - 18 giorni fa
HERE IT IS! “She just ragdolls me like a silverback gorilla” this literally LITERALLY has happened to me why has this happened to me why
SleepingAgent - 11 giorni fa
@Light Lorraine Well damn, now I feel bad. Not a fun gorilla story at all.. A genuinely scarring event. It's hard to filter what people are sharing as a joke, lie or truth, online. Sorry to hear that actually happened to you, though. Sounds pretty insane. Strange also, to hear its not a male perpetrator, whether that changes anything or not.. Glad you are getting over it and indeed, it seems everywhere you look nowadays there is some form of crazy. Strange platform for over-sharing ngl but no problem, hah. I'm somewhat used to it, though this is a new one. Anyhoo, hope all continues to get better. 🙂
Light Lorraine
Light Lorraine - 11 giorni fa
So it’s good to laugh about it I am finally to that point I think, but again sorry for oversharing, my brain just connected the two things I think it’s my defense mechanism lol
Light Lorraine
Light Lorraine - 11 giorni fa
And then she humped me. Yah. Seriously so fking insane. So gross.
Light Lorraine
Light Lorraine - 11 giorni fa
@sleepingagent well she definitely ragdolled me but no she didn’t lol I was exaggerating 😂 so maybe not as literal as I said, it just makes me laugh and makes a horrible memory a little more bearable lol but no she didn’t put herself in my face(she went for opposite) or do anything, eh, invasive/intrusive, i mean really I don’t understand what the point was, not trying to overshare or be gross but the broad drugged me and then treated herself to, eh, dinner? 😓😒😖😒 crazy people out there have to be careful
SleepingAgent - 12 giorni fa
Hope you didn't get the gorilla keester finger also. I am intrigued though, aside from that.
Becky Boo
Becky Boo - 18 giorni fa
Nigga Paul didn't break once!!
Chad Wiggins
Chad Wiggins - 18 giorni fa
My favorite parts they trying to hold a luaph back lmao
Zachary Foster
Zachary Foster - 18 giorni fa
The majority of Kate McKinnon skits involves her sexually assaulting a cast member or guest
CaramelDlux2013 - 19 giorni fa
Alan Espinoza
Alan Espinoza - 21 giorno fa
My God, Aidy Bryant is so beautiful.
The one guy
The one guy - 22 giorni fa
How hot is Aidy Bryant in this skit!
steven smith
steven smith - 22 giorni fa
as bad as kates trip was I think there are worse things that could have happened to her. She could have been teleported to a Siberian gulag at the height of stalins reign. She could have been teleported to Salem during the Salem witch trials. or she could have been teleported to Auschwitz on the day they finished building the gas chamber and crematoria. I'd happily get my hair raped by a cave woman instead of being horribly tortured and or killed.
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano - 23 giorni fa
I'm not a fan of hippies but Cecily really does it for me as this character.
Lee Eel
Lee Eel - 24 giorni fa
I know it's pretty impressive that Paul Rudd didnt break out into laughter but also, standing ovation for Kate McKinnon cause I wouldve broken down laughing through more than half of the lines she had to deliver.
Amorphis Bob
Amorphis Bob - 28 giorni fa
How is it that despite wearing her pants up to her nips, Ms Rafferty always manages to lose them?
Randall Rockwood
Randall Rockwood - Mese fa
Squacky Gaming
Squacky Gaming - Mese fa
Ffs Kate and that character lol 😂😂😂
Harold Garcia
Harold Garcia - Mese fa
I love watching these, not that they're not good but it's definitely a prime example of milking something for all it's worth. No lie if you watch these in succession (like I have) they grow less and less funny. Kate McKinnon is still fucking god and I will fight you to the death over that
Destiny Darling
Destiny Darling - Mese fa
That some pissin my porridge 🤣🤣
Destiny Darling
Destiny Darling - Mese fa
"Unfortunately shes found a buffet " 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris McCoy
Chris McCoy - Mese fa
My cooter, and my tooter.
sarah sarah
sarah sarah - Mese fa
Bush Smooshed!!!!!!!!!!....HOLY HANNAH that is crazy funny
Healthy Life, Happy Wife
Aidy looks GORGEOUS! 💋
My Name Is My Name
My Name Is My Name - Mese fa
Dear. illuminati.....Can you take the jokes and comedian search results off when looking for Alien abduction?
Omero Campigli
Omero Campigli - Mese fa
Ant man in disguise!
Noneya Bitness
Noneya Bitness - Mese fa
She's using Ron White to take point on her character. Smoking and drinking exactly like him and the long breathed one liner is all part of his act!
Trevor Shuff
Trevor Shuff - Mese fa
Clam casino and been burrito. Haha. That is the best. Gotta remember that one.
jacky o
jacky o - Mese fa
I love these skits but I felt each of the actors had less of an accent here and they spoke a bit faster. it wasn't as funny as the other skits but I really hope they continue filming with new actors. Also, the skits are funnier when someone breaks character although the "i ain't really into ladies" bit was hilarious.
Said Azenzar
Said Azenzar - Mese fa
i don't know how Paul Rudd was able to keep his cool and did not break character during this sketch ... very impressive !!!
Jerry Driggs
Jerry Driggs - Mese fa
Paul Rudd is the best at keeping a straight face throughout this skit. He is the best guest actor at this skit so far, it shows he takes his job very seriously. I wouldn't be able to hold it together with Kate going on like she does. But I do have to admit it is funnier when actors break character.
CheeseFactory42 - Mese fa
"These two are walking around on Wakanda while I'm back in Planet of the Apes!" XD
My gosh, I love Kate! 😂
Ric Small
Ric Small - Mese fa
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ArizonaWillful - Mese fa
I think the secret government is using these skits to reveal the alien presence among us.
Phillip Alvarado
Phillip Alvarado - Mese fa
If you watch some of the old SNL clips that Paul Rudd guest host on SNL he really breaks character and that's awesome I think
narutobones 1
narutobones 1 - Mese fa
"Curious Georgina " 😂
Røbbin Mølk
Røbbin Mølk - Mese fa
Kate McKinnon is hands down the best one on snl. She's flawless.
Ryan - Mese fa
1:06 I swore she said "the racists of the world"
Landon Miles
Landon Miles - Mese fa
Isn’t Kate McKinnon a lesbian? That makes the “I ain’t really into ladies” line a lot funnier.
Coldsmokegames - Mese fa
I would pay good money to be paul rudd in the skit....😂😂😂
Michelle Jay
Michelle Jay - Mese fa
"Buddy,God had no part in this" lol
J. Reynolds
J. Reynolds - 2 mesi fa
She never missed a beat with that cigarette.
Jazzy J
Jazzy J - 2 mesi fa
Clam casino 😂😂
phantom 7 cross rose
phantom 7 cross rose - 2 mesi fa
I thought Texas lil had the biggest posse, I stand corrected 😇
IM GOOD SOMEWHAT! - 2 mesi fa
"Perhaps this Was some sort of primitive religious ritual"
"Buddy God had no part in this"
K D F Y - 2 mesi fa
ALWAYS loses her pants or pajamas , and yet every skit she seems to find the exact same jeans. Shirt too. I now believe that time travel is possible. ☮️
johnathan brand
johnathan brand - 2 mesi fa
“Buddy, God had no part in this”
In Dreams
In Dreams - 2 mesi fa
"counsel of humanity.." hmm, we need them NOW, like STAT
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