Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Taras Mazepa
Taras Mazepa - 9 ore fa
The Solar Wolf
The Solar Wolf - 11 ore fa
This is definitely one for the history books. Please let us not ever forget this amazing piece of burnage.
Catherine A.J.
Catherine A.J. - 11 ore fa
I really want some cake now.
Haramzada Abilow
Haramzada Abilow - 11 ore fa
*Did Guinness World Records just mentioned that they aligned with kids and families? In the video you watched, they are not only cyclists. They are university students who are:*
*>forced to participate*
*>forced to purchase those uniforms and bicycles*
*>forced to purchase from requested sellers which are sold and profited by president's relatives*
*>forced to practice for the event every school day starting at least a month before while classes are dismissed for more than half of the year for such government activities.*
*Any student who is not obeying is being expelled from the university. That Guinness Records are made use of in the government propaganda to praise the president that how perfect he is.*
Mary Mendoza
Mary Mendoza - 11 ore fa
He should have finished with the cyclists cycling very slowly and awkwardly around the cake.
Klay Moon
Klay Moon - 11 ore fa
This was an epic!!
CrudeTruth 77
CrudeTruth 77 - 11 ore fa
Do some episode on this. or else you say to everyone that this is another zionist propaganda like who plays on both sides
JustSimplyMatt - 12 ore fa
HBO you give that man more money
Haramzada Abilow
Haramzada Abilow - 12 ore fa
Thank you, John. God bless you. You are the hero of the Turkmen people. You will be remembered in Turkmen history forever. While we trapped here under his oppression at least you made us laugh.
keith bassett
keith bassett - 12 ore fa
A dictator who loves horses as much as Mike Pence
Abigail Akers
Abigail Akers - 13 ore fa
CLAP FOR ME CYCLISTS! CLAP FOR ME *proudly holds up for as big as him*
Abigail Akers
Abigail Akers - 13 ore fa
Blighted Sins
Blighted Sins - 13 ore fa
I just watched a man eat cake
Fred Kluge
Fred Kluge - 13 ore fa
I have to admit the Dubai drone thing was cool. I would be proud own that record.
badtemper88 - 13 ore fa
That bar is 45 fucking pounds and they clapped like he cleaned 315.
JulCaos Elliott
JulCaos Elliott - 15 ore fa
Clap for me cyclists! Clap for me! That killed me! You know how to sprain their ankles!
Dawn Phillips
Dawn Phillips - 15 ore fa
Absolutely the best and what I needed today
Ginjaninja Chicka
Ginjaninja Chicka - 15 ore fa
I feel like his shows perfectly describe how people my age want to consume news: accurate reporting/fact checking, incredibly easy humor, and crazy stunts that are almost irrelevant. It also depicts how we want big media companies to spend their money: covering topics that are less covered by traditional even reputable media outlets, in depth reporting with quirky facts strewn in, and insane obscure stunts that actually have an impact on the political climate that reflects how we view the topic.
This is definitely how I wished I could consume 3/4 of my news.
The Intelligent Gamer
The Intelligent Gamer - 16 ore fa
That is the most rhythmically named dictator I’ve ever heard. Listen to the song “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson and say that guy’s name
maximusnukeage - 16 ore fa
John Oliver should have just told the Guinness organization that they were attempting the world's largest marble cake without mentioning the thing about the dictator falling off the horse and then after they certified it they would realize the thing about him falling off the horse LOL
Ithinkflutterawesome - 16 ore fa
Our school called a Guinness World Record group to measure some useless thing. (I don’t think we got it) But we weren’t allowed to talk to them, which was a shame, because I wanted to ask them when they were going to ratify John’s cake record.
Lunkis - 16 ore fa
Oh my..please not beastiality 😠
Youtuber - 18 ore fa
Kim Jon Un has nothing on strong Turkman. Very fine people on both sides!
Generic Square
Generic Square - 18 ore fa
Turkmenistan is actually Rohan
Ali Usman
Ali Usman - 18 ore fa
Go fuck yourself you white doughnut!
S _
S _ - 15 ore fa
Someone is from Turkmenistan
David Guerreiro
David Guerreiro - 18 ore fa
99 x
99 x - 18 ore fa
Sounds like Turkey
MRMONOPOLYization - 19 ore fa
What a fucking strange world we live in.
thefemaleweezy9014 - 19 ore fa
i hate your editors bro why did they give john oliver the horse THE SAME OUTFIT IM DEAD
iamswitters - 20 ore fa
I want cake!
Vasileios Katsardis
Vasileios Katsardis - 20 ore fa
Just loved how he took on the Guinness world record!
Travis Trestler
Travis Trestler - 21 ora fa
What the hell is happening?
Hallie Sage
Hallie Sage - 21 ora fa
The best thing is that the horse tripped because of the way he was sitting on it, horses dont trip unless it's over a hole and there are CLEARLY no holes on that racetrack. Either that or the horse just really hated him.
Mark Schnabel
Mark Schnabel - 21 ora fa
But does he bowl a 300 every time or shoot an 18 of every game he golfs, like a former North Korean dictator. If not, he's a lightweight poser wannabe.
Maximus Gigantos
Maximus Gigantos - 21 ora fa
1:32 that reminds me of north Korea
bandeye khoda
bandeye khoda - 21 ora fa
I have received many gifts from my Turkmen friends over the years. Those include The Turkmen's native Hat (Telpek) decorated with the picture of a horse, A book about Turkmenistan which includes 50 pictures of horses and 1 picture of an otter, postal cards all decorated with pictures of horses, Jeans with pictures of horses on the little patch behind them and actual horse memorabilia; but still you fucking brits with your eel pies and reverse driving are the weirdest people on earth so don't try to cover that fact up John fucking Oliver
Nicholas Kandas
Nicholas Kandas - 21 ora fa
Why in the world is he on a bike shooting at targets, and not on a horse?
Random cat87
Random cat87 - 21 ora fa
Considering that the rod was solid gold it would weigh 180 lbs
Mario Matei
Mario Matei - 22 ore fa
You should do an episode about Salvini!
Cristobal Rivas
Cristobal Rivas - 23 ore fa
Why under the image of "dangerous world leaders" trumps is missing?
S _
S _ - 15 ore fa
To avoid the triggered conservatives. It’s nice to not have them ruin the comments sometimes.
LORDE 2729
LORDE 2729 - 23 ore fa
hasan minaj is doing really well. almost as good as john. few more seasons he might be as good or better
Theodore Shuai
Theodore Shuai - 23 ore fa
All right I'm really impressed by that cake and the devotion behind it.
who knew that i would ever have any similarities to an authoritarian leader, but i do: a love of horses
but unlike this man w a fucking funny ass sounding name:
1) i do not want to fuck horses
2) horses actually like me back lmao
Ricky - Giorno fa
Ypsilanty Burblefuckleknuckletaint set a Guinness record creating 3k plus accounts to dislike this video.
Philippe Magnabosco
Philippe Magnabosco - Giorno fa
This is only beginning to scratch the surface of how insane the rulers of Turkmenistan's behavior has been for 30 years...
Kika - Giorno fa
Guinnes World Records: No Cake
John Oliver: it's Turmenistan Time
David - Giorno fa
Lol, that guy's gonna send hit men after John Oliver for sure. John, get some bodyguards!
Daniel Galan
Daniel Galan - Giorno fa
A new record for the World's largest cake.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - Giorno fa
The biggest question is why would someone name their kid that
Constance - Giorno fa
You should do Eritrea next!
Sanjiv Kr Monu
Sanjiv Kr Monu - Giorno fa
Original paul mccartney
Lenny Nero
Lenny Nero - Giorno fa
Сейчас этот еврейчик обосрется от напряжения...
M A - Giorno fa
Wrong information at 16:30, the formation depicts Khalifa b. Zayed the president of UAE, while the man sitting is Hamdan b. Mohammed b. Rashid, the crown prince of the emirate of Dubai (the second largest of the 7 emirates forming the UAE). Get your information correctly John!
Puckosar - Giorno fa
When are they going to stop failing at humor ln this show and just cover the topics
Antonio Aguirre
Antonio Aguirre - Giorno fa
Thank you John Oliver I needed a good laugh to start this week.
Andrew Kong
Andrew Kong - Giorno fa
That barbell was made of pure gold, it weighs 150 kg
Ryne Obenauf
Ryne Obenauf - Giorno fa
So... Is this guy alive? I got a pretty strong Weekend at Bernie's vibe here after that stunt car clip.
Mazen Jaber
Mazen Jaber - Giorno fa
John is a universal treasure 😂❤
chilled cat
chilled cat - Giorno fa
The one episode I decide to miss the screening of and they break a world record and give cake...
Ferial Haroun
Ferial Haroun - Giorno fa
I LOVE THIS MAN! His wit and humour incomparable!
Chris McDermott
Chris McDermott - Giorno fa
You have to be alive to do donuts around a firey pit: FALSE! Margaret Thatcher has been doing them for years in Hell
Ahmet Artykow
Ahmet Artykow - Giorno fa
Aglasym gelyar
Gray Chapman's Pipe
Gray Chapman's Pipe - Giorno fa
I did NOT expect Faul to be mentioned at the start omg
Moritz Herold
Moritz Herold - Giorno fa
3:04 huge missed opportunity to include Winnie Pooh there lol
Kunjukunju nil
Kunjukunju nil - Giorno fa
Aladeen !! Lol
Klemen Kekec
Klemen Kekec - Giorno fa
I feel sorry for those who watch Oliver over cable TV and can't double tap over the cringy humor bits.
Vincent Hellfire
Vincent Hellfire - Giorno fa
Why does that president have a Richard Nixon vibe
Celine Chong
Celine Chong - Giorno fa
John oliver kinda looks like emo in the flames of hell when he holds up that fork
Gila Monster
Gila Monster - Giorno fa
That cake is just gorgeous
basural00 - Giorno fa
I want that cake.
Rohwit - Giorno fa
Marry me John!
Vincenzo Marranca
Vincenzo Marranca - Giorno fa
This is the best show ever made hands down
Bill G
Bill G - Giorno fa
@18:20 - Everytime you hear a corporation or group talk about "our values that align with".. you want to puke in your cake!!
Imperial D
Imperial D - Giorno fa
2 any long term John Oliver fans. Has John ever made fun of a black dictator? I'd love to see that episode. It seems as long as the asshole is white. Not only is he fair game. But the culture he comes from is also (ie mocking horses) to be trivialized and mocked.
S _
S _ - 15 ore fa
“Why aren’t you calling out black people!” Aka whites should never be the focus when they commit crimes. Shut up troll. You people never ask for white representation when black peoples crimes are shown. Never “what about the whites in Chicago killing people?”
Imperial D
Imperial D - 23 ore fa
@BBukeeB it doesmt matter to me. its not gonna change my life. I just like to know.
BBukeeB - 23 ore fa
@Imperial D yes, but why does it matter to you
Imperial D
Imperial D - 23 ore fa
not, just asking a question. so has he?
BBukeeB - Giorno fa
why are you triggered my dude?
S - Giorno fa
Hi John! You should do a video on dynasty trusts as a tax loophole on the death tax.
Naomi Meme
Naomi Meme - Giorno fa
I miss this rat face 😍😍🥺🥺
That fucking cake 😳😳😂
SortOfAustrian - Giorno fa
I love how outrageous this show is sometimes 😂 what kind of weird shit they have already done and the way they build up to that is amazing
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey - Giorno fa
Oh no.
Trump will just have been told about buying world records.
mrpopo - Giorno fa
playing the hero
im masterchief

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Moriarty, i should have known
Dominic Hoover
Dominic Hoover - Giorno fa
Am I the only one who thinks that John would make a GREAT Kingsman? Probably.
Zodiac Mofat
Zodiac Mofat - Giorno fa
wtf why is this interlaced lol
Prossimi video