The Russo Brothers Answer Avengers: Endgame Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute - 3 ore fa
Infinity war: Thor cuts through Thanos like butter, with him wielding the infinity stones.
Endgame: Thor is absolutely destroyed by Thanos without him wielding the infinity stones.
Marvel studios: Pass
wacky jameson
wacky jameson - 3 ore fa
Vision’s body is probably going to be in WandaVision!!!!!
theoriginalshew - 6 ore fa
The first question should have been about if a pregnant woman got snapped but not the baby, or if the baby got snapped but not the pregnant woman.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis - 11 ore fa
They avoided answering the red skull question is there going to be another movie!?!?
Prior2Popular - 14 ore fa
“Hi, I’m Justin Russo.”
“And I’m Alex Russo.”
“And you’re watching Wizards of Waverly Place!”
Elvin Sison
Elvin Sison - 17 ore fa
What if Odin, Hela and The ancient one is still alive when thanos arrive. Would Thanos still be alive?
levitator45 - Giorno fa
The soul stone return answer -_-
Emir Latinović
Emir Latinović - Giorno fa
So Thanos can beat every Avenger single handedly to death but still wants the infinity stones that'll weaken him and make him lazy instead of destroying the universe with his army and keep a good shape?

Thanos has spit himself in the backs in this movie.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 20 ore fa
Emir Latinović “I didn’t say Thanos goal is to kill the Avengers” ⬆️ Then your statement is a non-sequitur. His ability to kill Avengers is completely irrelevant to his goal. So should not be the basis of your statement. Your statement makes no sense.
Emir Latinović
Emir Latinović - 20 ore fa
@Summer Tyme Read my comment again. I didn't said that Thanos' goal is to kill the Avengers. There are some inconsistencies in the movie.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 23 ore fa
Emir Latinović : You are like a lot of critics of the film, who treat it like a standard action super-hero cartoon movie, but all of its actual themes go over your head. Thanos goal isn’t to kill to the Avengers, it’s to bring a twisted form of what he considers to be balance to the entire Universe. Go back and watch something like John Wick. The plot is *muh dog.* It’s more your speed.
ThatGirlIsAwkward - Giorno fa
XeЯo - Giorno fa
One question I wish that didnt come up would be say if Nebula never went with the Avengers on the time heist would the outcome be different since that's what gave their plan away to past Thanos to begin with?!
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 23 ore fa
I don’t know. The time heist goes wrong for lots of reasons related to everyone who goes. it’s Cap and Iron Man who lose Loki for instance. I think Loki teleported to the outside of the compound and when IronMan and AntMan had their argument about who messed up the time heist, I believe Loki was likely listening. So Loki has also caught on. And... I think that’s going to be the plot for the Disney Streaming show Loki.
Logan - Giorno fa
lil uzi vert
Rianne Caayaman
Rianne Caayaman - Giorno fa
No one's gonna ask the question of what happened to the people riding in the plane and disappeared and come backs again
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 23 ore fa
To me this question and every variation on it, is kind of silly, and it has already been answered. The Infinity Gauntlet isn’t a dumb bomb that kills people or mindlessly brings them back. It just enables the user to potentially command the entire Universe. So Hulk can bring everyone back safely *if* he chooses to do so, and *if* he is smart enough, and strong enough to do so.
abhijeet adhikary
abhijeet adhikary - 2 giorni fa
And they blamed Zack for bvs plotholes. So marvel can get away with anything
Reet Jaiswal
Reet Jaiswal - 2 giorni fa
What the f🤬ck Sony?
What the f🤬ck Sony?
Give our spidey back!!!
Donnie Gonzalez
Donnie Gonzalez - 2 giorni fa
Good video and your the best and i hope they direct more marvel movies
Aidilla - 3 giorni fa
this interview really didnt add anything. they did nat dirty w that soul stone question :) we deserve to know i mean how cant they answer these q abt basic plotlines they're making...
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah Rodriguez - 3 giorni fa
-for 13 minutes straight
Christian memes
Christian memes - 3 giorni fa
I'm cold
Leen Kahia
Leen Kahia - 3 giorni fa
0:04 more like and we ‘didn’t know how to deal with tony and Natasha so let them die’
isslam Bouabdallah
isslam Bouabdallah - 3 giorni fa
They skipped the good questions and answers only the simplest
Daniel Vezina
Daniel Vezina - 3 giorni fa
OJust have a quick question .... Where does the bench that Hulk Trew after Natasha's death lands. In the Water or the lake, 'cause we never hear it fall ?????
Would really like to know. It's been bugging me since the first time I saw in theater.
Oswin bricks
Oswin bricks - 3 giorni fa
9:57 shuris shoes
DomianBlu - 3 giorni fa
12:11 phucky
Jon Hartley
Jon Hartley - 3 giorni fa
Yeah, if they're not going to answer questions this is a waste of time. Stopped watching when they dodged the returning the stones question.
R3M1ND - 3 giorni fa
would a baby count solo, when still in her mother? so could the mother disapear and the unborn baby stay and if the mother comes back the baby is clearly dead but she would have a whole in herself?
the other way around would be fking cruel as well
Tsuki - 3 giorni fa
"And yes, we're still talking about it" 🤣🤣🤣
Seth Salazar
Seth Salazar - 4 giorni fa
If nebula had only enough particles for one round trip then how did thanos bring his ship through the quantum tunnel if nebula was already with the avengers
Goh Jing Yi
Goh Jing Yi - 4 giorni fa
This interview has the same tone as me making up essays for 'moral studies'
Andrés Franquiz
Andrés Franquiz - 4 giorni fa
Why anyone is talking about the fact that Richard Rider was in the fight against Thanos? Am I the only one excited about this? 12:33
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 23 ore fa
Andrés Franquiz Old joke. So yes, you are the only one still excited.
Khazar Hayat
Khazar Hayat - 4 giorni fa
Answer some skipped most
Invincible Emi
Invincible Emi - 4 giorni fa
Lila is a colour in the german Language.
Violet/Lila= Purple
Nina Stadermann
Nina Stadermann - Giorno fa
But it’s pronounced differently.
ItsBlitzWolfer - 4 giorni fa
Russos: *_Why did you kill Tony Stark?_*

Cuz Downey Jr.'s contract expired. DUH!!
William Marshall
William Marshall - 5 giorni fa
Why is his eyebrow permanently raised?
Shinichi's right hand
Shinichi's right hand - 5 giorni fa
every time the russo brother don't answer a question

me: so do they not know or does it mean it's gonna be a future plot point....
*theorizing intensifies*
Lil.leonardo Danny
Lil.leonardo Danny - 5 giorni fa
Omg that comment said “what happened to visions body” and they say “that’s a story for another time” what if scarlet witch gets his body since it doesn’t decay like a humans and reverse what thanos did too him in Wanda vision and they didn’t wanna spoil it🤭🤭
Eddie Flores
Eddie Flores - 5 giorni fa
The dude with the glasses looks like tom Holland five years later. Right or wrong
Eddie Flores
Eddie Flores - 5 giorni fa
I though Mark ruffalo shared their last name lmfao
Sad_ Rod_Official
Sad_ Rod_Official - 5 giorni fa
Ill take falcon cause I’ve never said the n word
The Tremendous Yeet
The Tremendous Yeet - 5 giorni fa
MURDERERS!!! lol jk (but i actually mean it)
Toxxik - 5 giorni fa
actually hulk has used all the stones before. and thanos isn't invincible, just ask drax when he ripped his heart out of his chest
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 5 giorni fa
Again the comics are irrelevant to the MCU, so you are making no point. In comix squirrel girl nibbles superman to death. 😂
ALPHA GAMER - 6 giorni fa
they didnt answer why they didnt show banner and hulk merging
Filip Brcko
Filip Brcko - 6 giorni fa
Best directors of all time love them so much. If they directed whole mcu it woul be 10 times better
Scarl Johan
Scarl Johan - 6 giorni fa
Reveal it to us already!
Nathan Lovatt
Nathan Lovatt - 7 giorni fa
Not gunna lie I thought that was bill gates 😂😂
idk lol
idk lol - 8 giorni fa
he wanted to be falcon so he could say the n word
Bit - 8 giorni fa
Wouldn’t Cap still live a little longer? The serum gave him increased longevity
Bit - 7 giorni fa
Summer Tyme Why not, explain
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 7 giorni fa
Bit No.
Bit - 8 giorni fa
Why didn’t Doctor Strange just create a time loop again in IW? I guess that would be boring?
Peach Jam
Peach Jam - 8 giorni fa
So, Peter Parker is 16, not 18.
Carol C.
Carol C. - 8 giorni fa
I think the wandavision show will explain what happened to him.
Zechariah Wermuth
Zechariah Wermuth - 9 giorni fa
The noise he made when captain marvel only got 6%
They hate that we hate her
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 giorni fa
We love Captain Marvel. Her film made a billion dollars and girls love to cosplay as her. You’re just a loser, who by your own words is filled with hate.
Zubayer gillar kyckling
Zubayer gillar kyckling - 9 giorni fa
Divaliciousbeauty123 - 9 giorni fa
“Hopefully Cap will remember him” BURNNNNNNNNNNNN
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 8 giorni fa
Divaliciousbeauty123 : Burning RedSkull and numbskulls alike. 😂
horton - 9 giorni fa
Oh wait... They looked kinda suspicious when they said what happened to Visions body. They also said it was a story for another day. WandaVision plot???
Viktoria Baker
Viktoria Baker - 7 giorni fa
I think je just went like... Visoff
Chris De Leòn
Chris De Leòn - 9 giorni fa
Visions body is in Sanctum Sanctorum because in doctor strange in the multiverse of madness Wanda is going to try to put back the soul stone in him again
Titi Hilda
Titi Hilda - 9 giorni fa
ugh i hate the russos
slemany Youtube
slemany Youtube - 10 giorni fa
6:36 this is awkward now
Geee - 10 giorni fa
i really am tired of people underestimating the abilities of captain america and black widow
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 10 giorni fa
Geee Agreed. That’s because some think a hero is defined by powers. The only character traits they recognize are buff and nerf. This is because they think in terms of video games and probably don’t read or even watch films in any other context. Cap, Widow *AND FALCON* worked together as a team, and used good strategy and the element of surprise. They were able to take down Proxima and Corvus precisely because they were underestimated. Likewise Proxima and Corvus nearly defeated Vision and Wanda because they were specifically there to hunt Vision and had weapons designed to take him down. And Wanda’s powers -aren’t- consistent...she does not even fully understand them.
steefan raj
steefan raj - 10 giorni fa
Why nobody ask can tony back to alive ?
Krystian Modrzejewski
Krystian Modrzejewski - 10 giorni fa
I think that the best would be:
Tony through use of infinity stones was transformed. His body might look dead, but his just in a process of huge transformation like Captain Marvel. Now he is a supreme being with some aspects of all the stones, with access to different times and dimensions. His reactor in his body accumulated also power of all 6 stones and was transformed into the 7 stone. In this way he will give up his armour, have a different name and have enormous powers. He will be travelling through space, time and universes in pursuit of his new cosmic identity as he is not Tony anymore. He is personification of the 7th stone (6 stones combined). He is a saviour of the multiverse and he was professed millennia before. His new name is the Seventh. And he remembers his life as a Tony Stark but does not identify with his old personality.
sanjay gupta
sanjay gupta - Giorno fa
Time to leave the earth
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme - 10 giorni fa
Krystian Modrzejewski : translation: Fan Fiction means reality can be whatever you want.
Andreina - 10 giorni fa
That answer for taking out the kneeling scene was such bs?!?
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